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Windows 2003 Server - Worst-Case Scenarios - Useful Tip

Do you know what a System Administrator fears the most when it comes to Windows Server 2003? The infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). An appropriate name. But, there is something worse. You ask, 'what could be worse than the infamous BSoD? A system corruption. Yes, a system corruption is vastly worse than the BSoD - unless you've actually taken the time and effort to provide yourself with some useful disaster recovery tools in a worse-case scenario. The worst part of a system corruption is actually when a file in the Windows System 32 folder has been destroyed. The System32 folder is the guts of the Windows OS. Without it... well, it won't work. Let me give you an example. ----------Start Example------------ The other day, I got this message when I had to do a cold restart on a computer: Windows could not start becuase the following file is missing or corrupt: [windows_root]\system32\ntoskrnl.ex e.  Please reinstall a copy of the