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Avenue Q

I went to see the musical "Avenue Q", and I was impressed with it. I thought that because they had muppets inside that it would be a childish show, although many peer reviews and other people who had seen it told me that this was far from the case. It is not childish. It is a very mature show that takes a childish attitude in telling the lives and stories about people living on 'Avenue Q'; what that means is that the story is adult, but the way it is depicted is a little bit childish, which makes this work. Otherwise, it would have just been another run-of-the-mill musical. My favorite song was the 'Internet is for Porn' song, as it is hilarious. When I first heard it, it was on YouTube using Warcraft characters, and didn't put 1+1 together. If you ever get a chance to watch it, I recommend it for it will make you laugh your ass right off your backside.

Amazing People - Inspire Yourself

People are amazing. No matter how many times I say it, no matter what I see (and I've seen a lot), this statement doesn't change. People have so much in them. There is potential in each and every single human being. People have the ability to great... and terrible things. The human is certainly an unpredictable, exciting, dangerous, and wonderful. But to me, one of the most incredible thing a human can do for another is: inspire . When you inspire someone, you not only give them something to do, but you instil a certain part of you in them. You breathe a new life into them. You give them something worth doing, and believing in. So, to commemorate these incredible people who inspire others, here are some videos of I've found on YouTube that will simply amaze you, and I hope that perhaps one of these will inspire you today, and change you a little. Nick Vujicic Nando Parrado Jessica Cox   Randy Pausch (RIP) Ben Underwood (RIP)