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NetGear Network Management Software

First, let me tell you that I am not really a big fan of NetGear. I find their products lacking in performance, and they tend to fail a lot more than Cisco switches. Saying that, though, I checked out their ' Network Management Software ' and was impressed with what I saw. I am just going to post some screens of this piece of software because it is relevant to me interests. First off, you need NetGear switches and/or routers. You can use this without NetGear merchandise, but I am sure that there are better programs out there.

Windows Vista - Microphone Broken

Whenever people ask me what OS I prefer, I always say that my preference is Linux as a System Administrator, Windows as a Gamer, and Mac OS as a Designer (CAD, 3D rendering, etc.). With the advent of Windows 7, which is so much better than their previous version of shit called Vista, Microsoft have regained a little more respect from me... until what they did around 2 months ago. And what did Microsoft do? They decided to 'update' device drivers for microphones. The result? You guessed it. 90% (and this is not an exaggeration) of microphones around the world suddenly stopped working. Why? That is my question. Why would they do that? It's ridiculous. If you don't believe me that this is a major issue, just check out these searches:  Google Search Results ,  Microsoft Site Search . So, it's now been 2 or 3 months since this issue had first been published, and has Microsoft come up with a new update and fix for it? No. But enough banter, let's try and fix th