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Bypassing Megavideo 72 Limit

Let's face it. We all use Megavideo to watch videos, movies, etc. Whether or not this is a good thing is another debate, but I find it incredibly annoying that the 72 minute time limit exists, and in some cases I do not agree with it. Although a lot of people abuse it by uploading episodes of TV serials, and Anime episodes, it also blocks people from watching legitimate videos, such as Public Domain documentaries, and other public stuff. Even creating an account does not cancel it. You have to purchase a premium account to get actual content. At first I tolerated it, but then it got on my nerves, and I did some investigating, and I found that a lot of people have already suggested bypasses for it. In fact, I also did a How-To about it in this blog in the past. But now, I've figured out how to do it better.

The Count of Monte Cristo

To be honest, the first time I came across 'The Count of Monte Cristo', it was the movie that came out in starring James Caviezel as Edmond Dantes and Guy Pearce as Fernand Mondego. Let me tell you right now that the movie has absolutely nothing on the book. The movie is garbage. Utter garbage. The acting is okay, but when I look back at the movie and compare it to the novel, it angers me that they would change it so much. To be honest, when it comes to something like this, it's irrelevant if the book might be too offensive to some viewers. That is why the motion picture rating system  was invented in the first place! If people can't be bothered to check to see what the contents of the movie are, then they should not complain if they watching something that they find offensive. It's the viewer's responsibility, not the author. But that's just my personal opinion. I just like to see something in its 'true' form, such as foreign movies. I can't


This has sparked quite a debate recently with Apple's new Iphone 4 launch. As an IT professional or even as a regular person one should be as informed as possible about these two phones, then make a decision on which phone to buy. Now I will say that Apple's Iphone has revolutionized the industry, when this smartphone came out I wanted one, you wanted one, everyone did. If you denied the power of the Iphone when it first came out then you were being bias as it was a moajor player in paving the way for all smart phones today. Speaking paving the way by Apple, I want to give you my opinion and a little know fact about Apple and Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs seems to do things his way only and not budge, as back in the day when Macintosh ruled the computing world. It was the breakthrough company that led to Microsoft. Apple lost the computing market share to Microsoft because Jobs was closed off and did not have the ability to adapt and see that people wanted more. And although he r

Get Paid for Blogging? No way! Well... actually, yes.

At first I was skeptical. Who wouldn't be? You get to make money from people reading Blog posts? Why not? That sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it? Most of my 'readers' are my friends on Facebook, so they rarely ever actually visit my Blog site ( ) which is completely understandable. Why should you have to when you can read it on my wall in Facebook and then in my 'notes' (thanks to the RSS feed reader). However, because they do this, the ads never get seen, and therefore I don't get money. So, yes, click on the ads! Yay! But seriously, the website I am talking about is: