This has sparked quite a debate recently with Apple's new Iphone 4 launch. As an IT professional or even as a regular person one should be as informed as possible about these two phones, then make a decision on which phone to buy.

    Now I will say that Apple's Iphone has revolutionized the industry, when this smartphone came out I wanted one, you wanted one, everyone did. If you denied the power of the Iphone when it first came out then you were being bias as it was a moajor player in paving the way for all smart phones today.

    Speaking paving the way by Apple, I want to give you my opinion and a little know fact about Apple and Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs seems to do things his way only and not budge, as back in the day when Macintosh ruled the computing world. It was the breakthrough company that led to Microsoft. Apple lost the computing market share to Microsoft because Jobs was closed off and did not have the ability to adapt and see that people wanted more. And although he revolutionized the personal computing industry then as he has done now with the Iphone he lacks the ability to upgrade and give into popular demand. This man is like a one hit wonder, although he seems to have a one hit wonder every century. So we can't really put him down, he is a brilliant man, without him we might not be where we are today. I hope on the next version of the Iphone he will not be so closed off, then he might have a future with the Iphone. Frankly where is the Iphone going to go from here? HTML5 is it's savior? His client base would be so much larger if he puts his ego down, because he is already losing his market share in the phone industry which I will get into further in this blog.

    With that said lets get into the proper discussion.
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