A New Revolution in Animation is Close...

Yes, that's right. Right here, right now, I am going to say it. With the release of the much anticipated and much hyped Kinect from Microsoft for the XBox 360, we are now looking into a future of digital animation revolution. With the ability to track your movement, a multi-billion dollar movie production tool is now an affordable toy! We are going to see the release of games that will enable users to create full-length motion pictures and animations using their own bodies! To see what I mean, just read more...

First, take a look at the video.

Pretty much self-explanatory. If you notice the 'freestyle' moments, look how much detail is captured, and how accurately the Kinect tracks the person?

Already there are hacks to use the Kinect with PC animation programs. The storm of new Animations is just right around the corner.

So, I am thinking of getting a Kinect, and then hooking it up to my Mac and use a 3D animation program to capture the motion using a simple mapping! I have used a program called Daz in the past (because it's simple, well programmed and most importantly - free). The potential is astronomical! Simply astronomical.

Seriously. It's going to be one helluva ride!


  1. I'm actually very excited by this and my lab is investing in one of these for development.


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