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Traumatic Train Tales 01: Unwanted Oral Projectiles

Let's face it. Commuting can be a real pain in the rear. No-one likes to commute. Going to work, and back, every day. It gets monotonous, tiring, and mundane. However, there are times when commuting has its... 'moments'. During my time in England, I have experienced some of the strangest, weirdest, and 'disgustingest' things, and I feel that now enough time has past since and that I can reveal them to the general public. Read on... if you dare.

The Three Taboo Topics

The Three Taboo Topics was something that a drunk told me once upon a time. The man, who I will not name, was completely and utterly upset because he had this huge debate with some other person that turned violent and he ended up getting his butt handed over to him on a silver platter. With his lip cut, his nose blocked with dried blood, he turned to me and told me simply: "Tucks, whatever you do, always stay away from the Three Taboo Topics. They are the quickest way to get your hurt, lose friends, or worse..." And he's right. Now, this happened in the days before Internet, before Wikipedia, before Google. The only information you could get was via newspapers, and sometimes newspapers left out certain bits of important information and there was little you could do about it. But with the advent of the Internet that changed. Now people can go after one another's beliefs and morals without any qualms or the slightest bit of hesitation in online discussion foru