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On the Cliff of Economic Change - Is Greece or Germany the Key?

If you haven't heard about it already, then you must either live in a bubble, or don't really care how the economy works, but right now there is a lot of pressure on Greece to reform its public spending as a whole. The Greeks are being asked to change a whole load of things in a bid to help repay the bail-out that has been guaranteed to their government on behalf of the other eurozone countries in a bid to stabilize the Euro. Of course the other countries are doing it for 'selfish' reasons, which is fine. I mean, why should they have to suffer for the mistakes of others? This is why the Spanish are out and about carrying on with ' very angry protests ' about the newly proposed reforms. But that's only the tip of the ice-berg. The real change is going to happen based on whether or not the Greek government finally accepts the prerequisites given to it by the EU (and IMF).  Of course, the Greek people are not at all pleased at the prospect of losing a majori

Top 10 Accounts Worth Following on Twitter - June 2011

Twitter, is the micro-blogging site. However, with so many users and accounts how do you know who are the best ones to follow? I honestly rarely use Twitter, but I see the usefulness and the need for it, and with the rise of social-news/media, it is a great way on informing the world directly without having the need to go through mainstream media news. For example, someone in Libya posting updates as frequently as they can about the war currently active in their country (!/shabablibya ), or new computer vulnerabilities that have been detected in the world and how severe they are (!/metasploit ). So, here are my Top-10 Twitter accounts that you ought to follow: