Top 10 Accounts Worth Following on Twitter - June 2011

Twitter, is the micro-blogging site. However, with so many users and accounts how do you know who are the best ones to follow? I honestly rarely use Twitter, but I see the usefulness and the need for it, and with the rise of social-news/media, it is a great way on informing the world directly without having the need to go through mainstream media news. For example, someone in Libya posting updates as frequently as they can about the war currently active in their country (!/shabablibya), or new computer vulnerabilities that have been detected in the world and how severe they are (!/metasploit).

So, here are my Top-10 Twitter accounts that you ought to follow:

  1. Magnum Photos -!/magnumphotos
    If you want photos, and good photos, photos that speak to you, or pictures that make you open your eyes and mind, then you need to follow this account. It's got so many amazing pictures, essays, journals, etc. If you need any more proof, then check out the movie below. Be warned though, some of the pictures in this presentation are shocking and sad.

  2. F*** My Life (FML) -!/FMLtoday
    There are several FML accounts, and different types of FML, but they have one thing in common. They are hilarious. They are just small anecdotes of the crazy stories that are somewhat (or not) likely to happen to everyday people. If nothing more than to cheer you up, some of these will make you smile or laugh out loud.
  3. Douglas Wheelock -!/astro_wheels
    A NASA astronaut, Douglas Wheelock takes some breath-taking photos of our planet and publishes them for us here on Earth to see. Some of his photos are not clear, but they are honest, and that 'amateurish' edge to them adds to the magnificence of the pictures. Although he's no longer hovering around the planet at 25,000km/h anymore, take a look at his photos before his mission ended on June 1, 2011. Some of those pictures will take your breath away. If you follow this account, you will also get in touch with other astronauts and cosmonauts (and even NASA).

  4. Reuters Pictures -!/reuterspictures
    I was loathed to put 2 picture related items in my Top 10 list, but this one is too good not to be. This has got to be some of the most amazing pictures you will see. It differs because it's current, and it's news. It helps give you an a visual representation of a wall of text, which sometimes helps define the meaning of the story better than words. After all, pictures are worth 1000 of them. Definitely a great way to get your news as well. A very popular one, and since it's current, it has a really high number of posts. Sometimes 5 or 6 in an hour depending on the news.

  5. Fail Blog -!/FailBlog
    If you've got a slightly sadistic side to you, and I know that some of you who read this blog do, then you will love this. If you don't know what the Fail-Blog is then you're already missing out. But if not, it's essentially videos and pictures of the most ridiculous things, people and events on Earth. Some of which are hilarious. But viewer discretion is advised as some images might be a little bit offensive for those that are a little sensitive rude humor.

  6. WTF Japan -!/wtfjapan
    It's a well known fact on the Internet (and in real-life) that Japan comes out with the most outrageous things. Period. There is nothing that can out-do Japan's ability to confuse, astound, cause revulsion, and elation all at the same time. A great account to find things to get a few good laughs. It's also user-submitted, which adds to the hilarity since anyone (and everyone) can add to the good times at any moment. Be warned though, this site will destroy your time. Since it's user added as well as source added, you will get a lot of people in your feed if you follow.

  7. Time Magazine -!/TIME
    If you're not already following TIME, you ought to do it. It's got everything you could ever want, and what's more, it comes with some great things that you won't see on their regular site. Some photos that will automatically get shoved into the archives, or videos that are rare. There are usually at least 2 good editorials a week, and some amazing stories. If you had to follow something 'normal', then I would definitely recommend TIME.

  8. CERN -!/CERN
    If you love Physics, then you will love CERN. So it makes perfect sense to keep up to date with all the incredible stuff that goes on there. It's so incredible, in fact, that I have to say that it's almost like science-fiction, rather than fact. I mean, every day there is a new discovery that brings us closer to another significant shift in our understanding of the universe. Even if you're not into physics, it is still a great way to find out about the going-ons in the universe.

  9. SkyShare -!/SkyShare
    If you like the stars, the planet, and nature in general, then this is a great one. It's got a lot of links to all sorts of really interesting information, but its primary focus is on the stars. It has some really fantastic pictures, some other-worldly videos (literally), and pretty decent editorials. Be warned, though, they post a lot (around 1 port per hour), so if you follow this then be prepared for a flux of messages.

  10. NOAA, Ocean Explorer -!/oceanexplorer
    There are more than one undersea accounts, but I like this one the best. It does not really post articles, but rather pictures. Some of them are simply the most stunning underwater photos I have ever seen. Sometimes they post videos, but if you like the oceans, and all things aquatic, then I would recommend this one.
And that's it for my list. I don't really follow individuals. For the one reason that it's too specialized for my tastes, but even if I did, I think that they should have a top list of their own anyway. Maybe one day I'll make one.


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