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Dell XPS 14 WiFi Issue vs Me

A few days ago, a good friend of mine decided that I needed a challenge. That was: Fix my ****ing WiFi issue with brand new Dell XPS 14!

Obviously, I did all the basic things.

Restart the network cardReconfigure network type (Public, Work, Home)Flush DNS resolve cache Disable/Enable WiFi cardDisable FirewallUninstall AntiVirus programReboot the machine Suffice to say, none of these worked! I was stumped! How can a brand new system from Dell cause this much problems, headaches, tears and grief? So, I went online and looked at forums regarding this issue (in retrospect, should have done that in the first place). Let me tell you was I surprised when I found that not only has this issue been around for some time, but it remained unresolved even on Dell's community forums
Now, most people would just throw their hands up in the air and say; "I give up!"
I am not one of those people. And I hate giving up.

In the end, I gave up. Yes, I admit it, but it seemed the easier thing …