Plain ol' Ramblings

At first I thought about creating a technical blog. Then I scrapped that idea and decided to write a 'whatever I want to write' blog. So I did that, but then I get told by my peers that if I do a blog that's so general I'll never get people to regularly visit this site. Well, my issue isn't people regularly coming to the site, my issue is that I don't update this blog regularly enough to have a following of any kind.

Blogging is a time consuming, but rather fun outlet to express yourself. It allows the public (for the most part) to partake in your silliness. But I'm not here to tell you about how good blogging can be.

I'm just rambling.

I think I might do a review of a movie I watched recently. If I remember the name of it, I'll certainly do it. It was a Japanese movie, and it was so ridiculous.

Well, that's enough banter for now. 


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