The New Google Maps

If you haven't got the word, Google is renovating their Maps web application. I signed up for the preview a couple of days ago and got the invite just now and have played around with it.

Right off the bat I'm impressed. It's a lot more intuitive, easier to navigate, POI's (points of interest) are a lot easier to visualize and the addition of photographs along the bottom to give you a better idea of what's to see around whatever town/city you're looking at is a very nice touch indeed.

If you haven't been able to check it out, then I suggest you go and see for yourself. Keep in mind that it's still in preview mode, but I already like it much more than the current version of Google Maps.

I would go into the details of it, but I'm a firm believer of sharing information. So check out this article to see a more in depth comparison between the two types.

To request an invite, go here:


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